Julie Gena Brandon's Web Page

LIVE Bird Feeder Webcam!

Please take a look at my live webcam displaying a live view of two bird feeders, located deep in the heart of England. (Offline whilst I'm constructing an infrared night webcam to spy on our cute little mystery nocturnal visitors!)

Are You Hiring?

I am currently looking for part-time office-based work near Derby (UK.) I have a mixed bag of IT/technical, people/soft, administrative/office-related skills (not including web development, as you can probably tell!) This mix of both office and people skills enables me to be adaptable to a wide variety of tasks (including back office, front office and public engagement/outreach work.) Additionally, my time as both a volunteer for and a company director of a charity has given me an understanding of many of the complex challenges that face small businesses and charities.

Feel free to take a look at my current Curriculum Vitae and contact me should you be aware of any suitable vacancies!


Image Portfolio

A random selection of example photographs and panoramas I've taken and other images I've created (e.g. using animated CGI.)